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Sample Paperback Book Contract 

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Publishing Agreement For:

Book Author
Street Address
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On this Date: Day, Month, Year

Saint Paul Press (Dallas, TX) and Book Author (City, State) have agreed to partner together in the production of Book Author's book titled, Book Title (ISBN: 978-0-0000000-0-0) for publication by Saint Paul Press. This document will serve as the publishing agreement. If Book Author is in agreement with this contract, she is required to sign the enclosed copies and return one of them to Saint Paul Press at the following address: SAINT PAUL PRESS at 1169 North Burleson Blvd, Suite 107-246, Burleson, TX 76028; or fax it to 817-887-3089.

The terms are as follows:

A. Description of the Book:

1. Book Author has prepared a book of approximately 160 pages, titled, Book Title. The writing of this book is of professional quality and does include material appropriate to the subject

B. Grant of Rights:

1. Book Author will retain all rights to print, publish, distribute, and sell copies of the book, and works derived from the book, in printed form and in electronic media such as CD-ROM and e-book format, and to license others to do so, for the duration of the copyright on the book, in all languages, throughout the world. This means that if Book Author decides to get a contract with another publisher in the future, she is free to do so. However, at this time, and for a period of at least one (1) year, Book Author permits St. Paul Press of Burleson, TX to print her book for her ministry and for distribution throughout the book trade through our book trade contacts. (Please note that either party, Book Author or Saint Paul Press, can opt out of this contract for any reason, at any time, with 60 days notice.) If at the end of that one (1) year period, Book Author does not provide written notice of her desire to terminate the contract, St. Paul Press, will continue to distribute and sell Book Title until otherwise notified.

C. Release Date:

1. Book Title (ISBN: 978-0-0000000-0-0) by Book Author is scheduled to be released on Day, Month, Year.

D. Royalties:

1. Sales made directly through Book Author: (This price is for 4999 books or less. If you order 5,000 or 10,000 books, we can get the cost per book price down considerably.)

- Book Author will pay Saint Paul Press the amount of $4.77 (39.78%) per book.

- Book Author can sell the book at the retail price of $11.99, and she will receive: 60.22% ($7.22) in profits. Or, she can sell it at whatever price she sees fit, and receive all of that profit as well, or she can give the book as a gift, for a suggested gift price, through her ministry, at whatever amount she sees fit, and keep all of the profits.

2. Sales made directly through Saint Paul Press, through its website:

- Book Author will receive: 39.78% ($4.77) of the retail price of $11.99.

- Saint Paul Press will receive: 60.22% ($7.22) of the retail price of $11.99. Of course, the printing cost comes out of Saint Paul Press’ percentage. (Please keep in mind that most publishing companies only pay authors royalties of 12% or less on their work.)

3. Sales made through our nation-wide distributor (all bookstore chains and independent stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Family Christian, etc., are included in this section.) Please understand that some bookstores will carry Book Title and others will not. However, Book Title will be made available to be bought through all of the major bookstore channels, be they Christian or secular. In other words, if a person walks into any bookstore and if that bookstore does not have Book Title on the shelves, they can order it within 2-3 days for that customer:

- Book Author will receive: 30.3% ($1.45) royalty of what Saint Paul Press is paid by the distributor.

- Saint Paul Press will receive: 69.7% ($3.34) of what the distributor pays Saint Paul Press (The distributor pays us 40% of the retail price of $11.99, on average, which is $4.79. The printing cost of the book is taken out of Saint Paul Press’ percentage.)

4. Sales made through (in a separate arrangement):

- Book Author will receive: 40% ($1.43) of what Saint Paul Press is paid by

- Saint Paul Press will receive: 60% ($2.16) of what pays Saint Paul Press. pays Saint Paul Press 30% of the retail price of $11.99, which is $3.59. (Please keep in mind that most publishing companies only pay authors royalties of 12% or less on their work.)

E. Royalty Payments:

1. After Saint Paul Press has received payments, from our national distributor,, direct sales, or otherwise, Saint Paul Press will make royalty payments (based on the amounts discussed in section D) to Book Author. At the end of each month, payment will be made for any sales through and/or Saint Paul Press. At the end of each 120 day period, we will make payment for any sales made through our distributor, if we have been paid by our distributor at that time. Please understand that the standard book trade terms are 90-120 days or more for payment. (Please note that if Book Author is in agreement with this contract and signs and returns this contract to Saint Paul Press, Book Author will be issued information that will allow her to track sales of her book in bookstores, through and Saint Paul Press at the Saint Paul Press website.)

F. Auditing of Our Books

1. We hope that we'll give you reports often enough that you never feel the need to invoke this clause, but for your protection, we give you the right to check up on us. You or your qualified representative may examine our books or records pertaining to this agreement at our principal place of business or at our accountant's or attorney's office, during normal working hours, not more than once each year, on reasonable written notice (no less than 30 days).

G. Book Shipments to Book Author:

1. Saint Paul Press will send books to Book Author as needed for direct sales through her. These books will be shipped upon receiving payment in full for the books. We encourage all authors to plan ahead and give themselves 2-3 weeks to receive their book orders so that they will not miss important events. Book Author will be responsible for shipping costs.


1. Neither Saint Paul Press nor Book Author may change this agreement without first getting the other's written consent.

2. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Texas governing contracts made and to be performed there.

Any modifications to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.

If you find these terms acceptable, please date, sign, and return the enclosed copy of this contract to Saint Paul Press at 1169 North Burleson Blvd, Suite 107-246, Burleson, TX 76028. Or you may fax the signed agreement to 817-887-3089.

The signatures below verify that this contract is accepted and agreed upon by both parties:


The signatures below verify that this contract is accepted and agreed upon by both parties:




Saint Paul Press                                                             Book Author

Signed: _______________                   Signed: _________________


Date: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________                  Date: ___________________


Tax ID: ________________                  SS# or Tax ID: ____________


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