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Book Pricing

Due to desired quantity and the fluctuating cost of paper, book printing prices may vary slightly from the table below.

Pages Cost
0-130 $4.00
130-210 $4.50
210+ $5.50


Type of Book Retail Price Your Profit (based on sales that you make)
0-130 $11.99 $7.99
130-210 $13.99 $9.49
210+ $17.99 $12.49

If you would like to order books, you may do so by e-mailing or faxing us the quantity of books you would like to order. We will send you a link to pay for your order.

Ordering Your Book

Once your book is published, you may order copies in any quantity. When you place your order, paperback books will be printed and shipped within approximately 2 weeks. 

When placing your order, we need both your billing and shipping address. Payment is required at the time of your order. To get your order placed immediately, pay with a credit card. If you pay with a cashier's check, personal check, or money order, your order will take 5 extra business days.) US customers: It may take USPS 5-10 business days after your books are shipped to deliver your books. It may take UPS 3-5 days to deliver your books.

Note: If you are an author who has an event or book signing scheduled and you need books for that event, please let us know at least 2-3 weeks ahead of the date of the event so that we can make sure books arrive on time.

Printing Problems and Return Policy

Please report quality or quantity issues within three business days of receipt of the order. Please do not ship the books back to St. Paul Press until you report your issue and you get a response. Please be prepared to return at least one book to St. Paul Press. Also, be prepared to send to St. Paul Press front and back covers for every book you’d like replaced in case St. Paul Press's review determines the books are flawed due to printer error and that they should be replaced.

Important: Please keep in mind cover color may vary between print runs. Books with color variance cannot be replaced.

Other than printing flaws, books that are ordered may not be returned.




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