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The Joy of Being Stuck on Pause
The Joy of Being Stuck on Pause
by Rayford E. Malone
Victoria Isn't the Only Sister with a Secret
Victoria Isn't the Only Sister with a Secret
by Arlicia Albert
by Donnell S. Josiah
Get in the God Zone
Get in the God Zone
by Cleavon Matthews Sr.
You Got This: Encourage Yourself!
You Got This: Encourage Yourself!
by Felecia Artis

All books in alphabetical order

  • A Good Man is Hard to Find, by Michael A. Henderson
  • A Heart to Heart Encounter, by Marilyn Macon
  • A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat: The Bible Study, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • A Mind of Excellence, by Mary Henderson
  • A Sankofa Moment, by Jeremiah Wright
  • A Woman's Journal for Joyful Living, by Natalie A. Francisco
  • Alligator Half Past My Knee, by Joslyn Neblett-Washington
  • Approaching the Canticle, by Antonio Aguirre

  • Be Empowered, by Ezekiel Oladosu
  • Before You Leave the Locker Room, by Lee Sheppard
  • Berlusconi, by Giglio Reduzzi
  • Birthing Purpose, by Berline Thenor
  • Blessed Every Day, by Barbara Dudley 
  • Born in the Church, but Not Born Again, by Lesley A. Francisco
  • Breaking the Chains of Addiction, by George Williams
  • Broken Dolls, by Jennifer Cox

  • Can I Get a Little Help? I'm Married / I'm Single, by J.K. Hamilton
  • Cheaters, Breakups, and a Love Worth Finding, by Marcus D. King
  • Colandra's World, by Janet Smith
  • Colandra's World: Her Journey Continued, by Janet Smith
  • Creating Your Own Destiny Portfolio, by Laverne Loritts
  • Crossing Jordan, by Matthew Smith

  • Dancing with the Scars, by Twanna Henderson
  • Dead End or Divine Encounter, by Kevin Gresham
  • Deeper Insights, by Meleta Francis
  • Destiny, by Deloris Pettaway
  • Dialogue with My Daughters, by Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.
  • Dialogue with My Daughters: My Personal Reflections, by Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.
  • Diary of a Black Church Musician, by C. Angela
  • Digital Witness, by Joel Southerland
  • Drama, by Barbara Dudley

  • Emerge, Corey Brown
  • Every Story Has Two Sides, by C. NaTasha Richburg

  • Finding Your Focus On... Relationships, by Marcus D. King
  • Forgive As You Go, by Mary Green

  • Get in the God Zone, by Cleavon Matthews
  • Get the Hell Out! by L.W. Francisco 
  • Get Your Aim Right, by Corey L. Brown
  • God is Greater than Family Mess, by Joey Johnson 
  • God's Got My Back, by Rudolph McKissick Jr.
  • Grace Through the Struggle, by Daniel Whyte Jr.
  • Growing in the Character of Christ, by Edmund Sackey Brown

  • Healing Our Broken Village, by Frederick Haynes
  • Healthy Waters Don’t Cry Like This, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • How to Fast Successfully, by Edmund Sackey-Brown (German) 
  • How to Operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, by Edmund Sackey Brown
  • How To Receive from God, by Mark Amoateng

  • I Am Completely Led, by C. Angela
  • I'm Just Saying, by Natalie A. Francisco
  • Images in Catholicism... Idolatry?, by Henry Eze
  • Is Your Ghost Holy? by Shay Bills
  • Italia, by Giglio Reduzzi (Italian)

  • Jagged Edges, by Doris Dancy
  • Jamaica Me, by C. Angela
  • Jesus the Baptist, by Julius Owwusu
  • Jesus... Wow! by Robert L. Bostic
  • Keep it Simple Believer, by Victor Johnson
  • Lessons from My Journey, by C. Angela
  • Life Illustrated, by Jeffrey Johnson
  • Life... What's Up With Yours? by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • Look Up, by Alfredia DeVita
  • Lord of the Flies, by Joey Johnson

  • Married and Wanna be Single, Single and Wanna be Married, by Hazel Claiborn
  • Moving Forward and Making a Difference, by Arthur L. Mackey
  • Mr. Basketball, by Barbara Dudley
  • My Journey to Jesus, by Mary Hozjan

  • No More Chains! by Felecia Artis
  • Not In This Church, by Leon Newton
  • Nuggets by Day and Gems by Night, by Rudolph McKissick

  • Outside of the Inside Circle, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • Overcomers, by Donnell S. Josiah

  • Parenting and Partnering with Purpose, by Natalie A. Francisco
  • Porch Stories, by Larry Macon
  • Positive Christian Affirmations, by Nancy Strong
  • Psalm 23 for Today, by Larry Ellis


  • Rainbow Town, by M.L. York
  • Reaping the Harvest, by Laverne Loritts
  • Royal P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. Handbook, by Mechelle Rabot

  • Secrets of the Morning Dew, by Kim Black
  • Sermon Notes Volume 1, by Larry Ellis
  • Sermon Notes Volume 2, by Larry Ellis
  • Shattered Pieces, by Doris H. Dancy
  • Sparks of Lyrical Truths Igniting, by Bettie Grady

  • The 21st Century Man, by L.W. Francisco 
  • The Access Point, by Fred Hodge
  • The Black Church At Its Best, by Larry Macon
  • The Biblical World Through New Glasses, by Joey Johnson
  • The Church: The Family of Families, by Joey Johnson
  • The Day Night Light, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • The Healthy Faith-Building Church, by James Jones
  • The House the Lord Built, by Marvin Brown
  • The Joy of Being Stuck on Pause, by Rayford E. Malone
  • The Overcomer’s Handbook, by Ian Taylor
  • The Pampered Prince, by C. Lynn Williams 
  • The Power of God's Negatives, by Harold Carter
  • The Satiable Quest, by Marva Gordon
  • The Shroud of Turin and Much More, by Giglio Reduzzi
  • The Truth About the Lie I Live, by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • This is an Emergency, by James Henry
  • This Urban Teacher's Journal, by C. Angela
  • Trust, by Larry Ellis
  • Turning Back the Hands of Time, by Lorraine Vernon
  • Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen, by C. Lynn Williams
  • Two Ways Out, by Jennifer Rankins


  • Victoria Isn't the Only Sister With a Secret, by Arlicia Albert

  • What is God's Melody for Me? by Marcus Clarke
  • When Faith Fights, by Shay Bills
  • When Thou Art Converted, by Bertha Roscoe
  • Who's Renting Space in Your Head? by C. NaTasha Richburg
  • Whoops, I Swallowed a Bee, by Joslyn Neblett
  • Will the Real King Stand Up, by Larry Macon Sr.
  • Wisdom for Women of Worth and Worship, by Natalie Francisco
  • You Got This! by Felecia Artis
  • 15 Years a Billionaire, by Olatayo Ajiboye
  • 365 Days of Peace and Tranquility, by Charl E. McRae II

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